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One Victim at a Time.

Our Mission:

Our Inspiration:

The idea for Shirley Speaks came from a life altering event for founder Dani Jo when her mom, Shirley, suffered a severely debilitating attack from her abuser of 40 years.  Dani Jo hoped her mom would find strength to leave her abuser before it was too late but unfortunately, she never did. Shirley died from her injuries eight weeks later.

Now through Shirley Speaks, Shirley’s story and her voice calls out to help victims of domestic violence break the cycle and find freedom from their abusers.

Know the Signs:

Signs of Abusive Behavior

Threats, attempts to control or bully you.

Being pressured to do things you are not comfortable with.

Having no control of your money.

Being cut off from your friends and family.

Physical or sexual abuse.

Destruction of your belongings and/or home.

Signs of Abuse

Excuses for injuries or wearing clothes that don’t fit the season to cover injuries.

Personality changes, like low self-esteem in someone who was always confident.

Constantly checking in with or overly worried about pleaseing their partner.

Never having money on hand.

Skipping out on work, school, or social outings for no clear reason

We’re Here to Help:

Our three steps to healing from domestic violence are:



Realize you need a change, that what you’ve been doing isn’t working.



Make yourself a priority and start with self-love healing techniques.



Find the types of healing modalities that will help you as not everything works for everybody.

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