We Aim to Heal Hearts, One Victim at a Time


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide healing services to victims of domestic violence. Offering a variety of healing services through different means. We hope to educate the world on how to support those who have lost their power to an abuser.


Our Inspiration and Vision

The idea for Shirley Speaks came from a life altering event that founder Dani Jo had when her mom had suffered a severely debilitating attack from her abuser of 40 years. This attack ultimately ended Shirley’s life eight weeks later from some of the physical injuries. While Dani Jo had hoped her mom would find her strength in this lifetime to leave her abuser, she never did but through Shirley Speaks she will be a voice for victims all over the world.

Our Goal

Shirley Speaks will be providing healing services that include emotional, spiritual and mental health services from a variety of different providers to victims at no cost to the victim. We want to get them emotionally prepared to move forward in their lives with strength.

Our History

November 2, 2021


Shirley gains her angel wings and the Shirley Speaks Foundation begins to emerge.

January 24, 2022


Shirley Speaks become a state recognized organization.

April 22, 2022

First Event

Shirley Speaks hosts their first fundraising event!

May 9, 2022


We get notification that our 501C3 status is approved.